Thursday, 1 October 2009

More kindness

Before I get to the important things, I have to say that am very disappointed at the response to the competition in my last post - I really thought that someone might recognize the big boy's toy in the picture (the blue one with three legs about halfway down). I now feel quite mean at posing what turns out to be a bit of a difficult question, but I will leave it open for a little while longer before I put you out of your misery and tell you, just to give you all a chance to win a (very little) prize! (EDIT: Guessed correctly by Poppy Cottage - it is a pheasant feeder. ) This is not the prize - this is my seed swap ready to be despatched, but more of that below.

But the title of this post is nothing to do with any kindness on my part in offering a reward for an obviously impossible guessing game! No, once again I have been the recipient of kindness from others and I wanted to share this with you, and thank the lovely bloggers who have bestowed blessings upon me.

The first little parcel through my letterbox was from Elizabethd, whose blog is called French Village Life - this title conjures up enchanting images of patisseries and boulangeries and painted shutters, and has an altogether holiday feel. And in my package I received this - wonderful Guerande salt from Brittany.

We had some wonderful family holidays in Brittany, land of the lighthouse, when the boys were small, and I would always bring home packets of delicious grey salt and sweet crispy biscuits. So thank you, Elizabethd, for your kindness, and the postcard of lighthouses is on my kitchen mantel so I can dream about holidays by the sea when I stand at the Aga.

I also participated in the Summer Seed Swap organized by Julia at Marmalade Kiss - and how lucky I was to be partnered with Indigo Blue. Her skill with the needle puts me to shame, and I love looking at her blog to see the wonderful things she has made. My swap parcel arrived today and look what it contained!

Not only did I have two little pink packets of seeds and a rather tasty-looking recipe for jam, but all these goodies as well: some sweet little garden buttony-embellishments and a quite amazing fabric which was surely modelled on my harvest this summer, even down to the golden cherry tomatoes. Now I just have to follow her example and create something suitably impressive.

And Princess Bunchy could hardly contain her excitement when she saw this make-your-own advent calendar fabric. The poor child has had the same recycled advent calendar for about three years now (I shut all the doors after Christmas and store it flat between books, all ready to get out for the next year) and is beginning to hanker after something a little different, preferably containing chocolate. So this one is perfect: recyclable but with little pockets for some Green & Black's, or maybe even the odd little present (from a charity shop, of course, I won't forget the challenge!).

So, to paraphrase Tiny Tim, 'God bless you every one,' and thank you for all my lovely presents.

And to those who are waiting for presents from me, my hands have been busy, and I am working my way (slowly) through my list - good things will come to those who wait and your turn will come before too long!


Lola Nova said...

You know, I'll blame it on the sickness which has laid me to ruin for missing your question about the thinger (I did not even register your challenge in my fog addled brain). You are already sending me a present so I'm out of the running, though I am curious. I have a couple of ideas but don't want to spoil it for anyone else.

What lovely packages you found in the post! I do find kindness begets kindness.

And again, no worries or hurries in getting your things made. Life is busy.

Take care!

Elizabethd said...

It was my pleasure to send you a Breton gift!
Is the toy a butter churn?

Pomona said...

No, not a butter churn! Keep guessing!

Pomona x

Poppy Cottage said...

At first I thought you meant the tractor looking type thing. Do you mean the feeder? A barrel of sort set up on three wooden legs? Either ued to feed Chicken or pheasants? At my old job we sold the fittings that you can put on the bottom? Spiral feeders, I can just see one in the bottom of the blue chutney barrel. Look at
Or am I totally far off the mark?

Have a lovely Friday.

pigeon pease said...

compost thing.....or something for outer space...hehe

lynn xx

marigold jam said...

Is it perhaps for mixing compost or cattle feed? Just guessing here as have no idea really!

Love your gift - that material makes my mouth water! And will wait to see the finished advent calendar - in time for Christmas perhaps?!


Eileen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pomona said...

Just to say well done to Poppy Cottage! Yes, this is a pheasant feeder!

Pomona x

Eileen said...

Composter? Not very likely but I can ony think of a giant butter churn other than that! By the way, I have met the lovely Elizabeth and she truly is a very generous soul x

Michela said...

Lovely gifts Pomona, they are all well deserved! Thank you so much for your lovely wishes!

Floss said...

What lovely things! Blogging is such an unexpeced pleasure, isn't it?

OK, after Ben and I looked at the wrong toy, we carried on trying to guess. Here are the current hypotheses:

1 - it doesn't move, it's screwed to the legs

2 - it's not for holding liquid, as he made holes where the screws go in

Those are Ben's empirical observations!

I have an instictive one to add, based on being the mum of boys and the friend of once-pyromaniac teenaged males:

3 - it must be explosive!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hello, just popping over to catch up on all I have missed, must check out the difficult quiz!

Love Sarah x

Tabiboo said...

Such gorgeous gifts - The Land of Blog is truly a wonderful place.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

Menopausal musing said...

Blogging truly does open up a world of kindness, doesn't it? I hadn't known about the seed swap but will watch out for it next year. What a great idea! Glad you put us out of our misery re your son's pheasant feeders. :O) said...

Oh of course, a pheasant feeder, how silly of me! Yes, there is kindness all around and it lifts my heart to know that. Stop mentioning that aga! I just dream of having one! Not necessarily an aga, just a cast iron stove! Any cast iron stove! Since we moved, I have also been missing my belfast sink. Boo hoo! I love your post! suzie. x

jennyflower said...

Lovely goodies, that advent calender looks ace- do you think a little set of hairslides would fit in a pocket.

Sarah said...

That advent calendar will be so much fun to make. It will be hard to find thrifted goodies to put in it this year won't it. I think we need to start creating tiny little goodies.

Now you will have a very smart and pretty garden this year! What a lovely swap. Thanks for taking the time to write such positive comments on my blog. You are so kind.

Cait O'Connor said...

Little Cottage Comforts - I love your blog title.
Thanks for visiting mine a while back and I apologise for not calling by here sooner but life has been hectic. I will call again, lots to read and look at here.

Felicity said...

oh sorry i missed the quiz, im hoping to get back to normal next week, more blogging time! fliss xx

Anonymous said...

What lovely gifts!
In answer to your comment left on my blog, I have read Alison Uttley, I have quite a few of her books and absolutley love them, I could read them over and over again. My new Miss Read book was delivered this morning, you really should try her books, I can guarantee you will love them, you can get them all from Amazon, most of them only 1p each, bargain! xxx

diana said...

Oh. A tear and a giggle when I read about your ploughboy. Gone all too soon..., but down a good path it seems!
Good thing that I did not read this post earlier as I should have come up with a decent guess for the mystery object, and a pheasant feeder is not all too common in Munich city. I would never have recognized.

Indigo Blue said...

Glad you liked your swap parcel. I also bought myself one of the advent calendars too. Yours has arrived here too and I shall email you separately and blog about it too. I have had such a busy week at work that I have hardly been at home! Even Sophie has commented on not seeing enough of Mummy! Had a go at the quix, hope I was not too late to have a try.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

A pheasant feeder!!! I should have known, having seen a similar rig for feeding chickens in use on many an occasion in the past. Ah, the misty past, must be getting old! Lynn probably deserves a prize for her guess, smile. BFN. Lesley

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Sorry to harp on about the pheasant feeder but, talk about coincidence, watching Countryfile tonight and there it was again - one day a mystery object, the next viewed by many, as large as life on 'Adam's Farm'!

Really won't mention the pf again, promise. Lesley

jus said...

Hello again, I was recently the delighted recipient of 12 bags of Twiglets after mentioning in a post that their marmitey goodness wasn't readily available on the shelves in NZ.
Bloggers are LOVELY! x

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I am sorry I missed all the excitement my computer was poorly so that needed to be fixed. But well done to the winner, and what lovely friends you have sending such nice things. Well deserved. best wishes julie.C


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