Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Keeping pumpkins cosy

Now it seems that on Saturday there occurred what might be described as a latterday Derby Day for bloggers, in the form of the Vintage and Handmade Fair.

I seem to be a little late to the show-and-tell party (late being the story of my life, really, but I was punctual once, she says in an agonized, Aguecheek sort of voice), but I did have a jolly time there, and did part with some spendidos. Perhaps not as many as I might have done if I had not been under armed escort by the Head Chef, and supervised by the beady eye of Princess Bunchy.

I am glad to say (and I can tell this from the surreptitious rustling of brown paper and various giveaway signs and exclamations) that at least one Christmas present was bought for me. I am now going to follow dearest Tif's style of punctuation and say that this is, of course, a 'surprise' present, and I have reason to believe that might just have been purchased from Hen, but I will say no more because I never want to spoil the fun of others.

My 'surprise' presents from the Head Chef usually end up being less of a surprise than he might wish, because they usually end up being addressed to me (because the original catalogue was) and delivered to my doorstep in packaging liberally bedizened with the supplier's logo on days when the Head Chef is not at home, so I can't help noticing 'accidentally'. (Sometimes these helpful suppliers even write letters to me informing me that the item is out of stock and will follow shortly, and apparently the only remedy available for avoiding this is to ensure that we live apart, as their computers cannot cope with more than one name at one address. But then, if we lived apart, my dear heart would probably not be ordering presents for me, so I am not sure of the answer to that one, and no, I would never deliberately 'notice' carrier bags left carelessly under his desk.)

But back to the Fair. I shopped wisely and well, keeping the strictures of the Ultimate Challenge to mind, and fearful of the spectre of Tif wagging an admonishing finger. The stalls were all uniformly beautiful, but for informative pictures you will have to look to the work of others: I seem only able to photograph on the small scale, and, to be quite frank, in the bustle and press of such a wonderful bazaar, locating my camera in the disorder of what is more a portmanteau than a reticule was the last thing to mind.

Now, this was one of the themes for the day - and thanks to the lovely Sal of Sal's Snippets for providing the perfect prop. (We also bought one or two other goodies, but they are for presents, so must remain anonymous.)

And here is a charming little basket of buttons, bows, lace and fabric: I seem to have opted for a particularly patriotic colour theme here, which is rather odd and not one that I would have predicted. The lace and buttons are from the wonderfully-named International Quality Kitsch, where Princess Bunchy was overjoyed to find all sorts of exciting, jumbly, sparkly boxes of bits and bobs for 50p each. So these all qualify under the secondhand label.

I bought some craft supplies (ribbon, of course) from Michele of Cowboys and Custard, and reminisced over her retro Christmas decorations. I think she must have spent the last few years rummaging in the family attic, so much were they redolent of my childhood.

I had a lovely chat with Donna Flower and bought the fabric with blue roses from her stall, which was quite overwhelming in the desirability of its wares. The spotty fabric came from the stall just along from Henhouse - perhaps someone can enlighten me as to its name, because at that point I think I had totally lost my sense of an existence outside such a hall of enchantment.

From craft supplies, I moved on to the handmade and was rather taken with the electric blueness of this snuggly scarf from Lizzie the Washerwoman. I felt that it was just what my pet Jack Be Littles needed to keep them cosy this winter, well until I eat them, that is, and then I can wear the scarf.

And from Hen I bought these most adorable labels: not being entirely sure what my guards had bought for me, I had to restrain myself from gazing too long at the delights of her stall, not wanting to spoil the 'surprise'.

And thank you all round to the organizers and stallholders - you made it well worth the wet and windy journey, and it was quite delightful to meet so many other bloggers.  So, in conclusion, on Saturday in Chipping Sodbury a lovely time was had by all (and very thoughtfully there were comfy chairs, tea and cake for off-duty guards).

Here is where you will find lots of pictures and the names of all the participants. And I have seen lots of far more informative pictures (which will show and tell you more than I have) taken by Hen, Sal, Michele, Heidi, Victoria, Kelly, Cathy, Isabelle, ... have I missed any out? Shout and I will put you in!

And thank you all for the sweetest comments on my last post, I do appreciate such kindness.


Florence and Mary said...

Wasn't the fair a wonderful day!! Kelly & I are already excited about May's one!

I can sympathsise with how annoying companies can be when sending Christmas gifts, can you believe I ordered a present for my parents and it was delivered without any outer packaging, just the product box!!! Thankfully my mum didn't see it but my dad did and it was supposed to be a joint present

Victoria xx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Pomona

It was indeed a great day and so well organised! Such a pity that I did not see you. We were probably next to each other at some point without knowing it! I was there for the whole day in the end.

I like what you bought! Lovely fabrics.

Isabelle x

Floss said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! What lovely things you found, and all well within the bounds of the Challenge!

pinkfairygran said...

Now I know why I don't go to these fairs... too much temptation, too small a purse! And since we don't 'do' Christmas in the present-giving department, I never have to worry about finding surprises early. It got way too materialistic for my liking, and the beauty, or one of them, of getting older is that you can announce you are not 'doing Christmas presents' any more, and people put it down to old age mixed with Scrooginess, but don't take offence.

Tabiboo said...

Beautiful buys from the fair and I know what you mean about presents - I have to set up various wish lists so all they have to do is choose! I guess at least I always get things I would like!

Nina x

Kelly said...

We had such a good day at the fair, we are hoping the next one will be a family experience with our Mums!

I one ordered a present for my Dad and asked for it to be delivered to Victoria's house and they sent it to my home!
Dad took delivery of it and I was gutted!

Love the bits you bought at the fair :)

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx

Itch2stitch.com said...

It all looks wonderful, I wish I could have been there! Oh, I haven't forgotten that knitting pattern, I will get round to it! eventually! suzie. xxx

Cottage Garden said...

That sounds like a great day Pomona in a gorgeous part of the country too! Thanks for all the fab links.

Jeanne x

PS Just left a message on your last post too ... xx

jennyflower said...

Gorgeous treasures bought! I have just read your last post, I am sorry my dear.

Hen said...

Oooh, wasn't it great to finally have a natter? Thanks for coming along and also for the "egg money" - you know what I mean! Now as to the "surprise" presents, I am so with you here! Everything Mr HH buys gets delivered here and the Cath K goodies he ordered for my birthday and asked to be put in a plain box, were indeed in a plain box, just with "Cath K" red tape all over it! Then, as I usually open all the post, I discovered my cake making course, confirmed by letter! Ooops, now I open nothing and quickly push the boxes and parcels to one side!
Hen xxx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Pomona
Wasn't it just so fabulous?!
I love your purchases - the scarf is a glorious colour for the winter months ahead. I agree with you that we need name badges next time - it would have been lovely to chat with you.
Have a great week
Denise x

Menopausal musing said...

Great purchases! Love the rationale behind your scarf buying! :O)

Lola Nova said...

Wish I could have been there! It sounds so wonderful. That scarf is gorgeous and all your other bits too.

We have a great weekly street fair near by during the summer months. It is so busy and bustling I am always in fear of losing my runaway little one. Last time we went I had to go back to a couple of stalls to return what she had "borrowed" from them :)

Serenata said...

What a wonderful time was had. I'd so hoped to have been able to go, but sadly the journey would have been too far for me, but hopefully next time! The colour of your scarf looks lovely.

Julies knitting corner said...

Oh I wish I had been there, it sounds like you all had a very productive time. I go to the stitch and craft shows at Manchester, my partner takes me bless. I find it very hard not to over spend but such fun.
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. best wishes Julie.C

this is my patch said...

Lucky you to have made it to the Vintage and Handmade Fair. I hope to make it one of these days? Vintage decorations are all the rage at present, and making big money on ebay! x

Calico Kate said...

There are few occasions I wish I still lived in England ~ this is one of them. I would SOOO love to have gone and am terribly envious of those who got there. Half of Blogland seems to have decended!
Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Bobo Bun said...

After just reading your last post I'm so glad you had such a great day to lift your heart. I think tif would heartily approve of your restraint. Oh and ironing I liked your advice - I've hidden the iron in protest.

Bobo x


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