Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Braving the elements to bring you a winner

I don't know about you, but events seem to be conspiring against me this morning. Why is it that when it is a time to pick a winner, the wind whips up the lane and whistles round my garden, picking up the little paper pieces and flicking them about?

Aha, I said to myself, I have a solution to that - I will use a gravy boat with a lid. You will be pleased to note that the gravy is long gone, hence the china boat had taken up its abode on the top shelf, and hence a certain griminess about the handles where the dusting fairy had missed bits.

Then comes the matter of the picking of the winners. My usual helpers are absent or indisposed: Mad Dog is confined to barracks for post-operative recuperation, and to let her out into the garden would contravene vet's orders, and result in certain injury.

Teddy-Face is now Tubby-Toast after a two-week residential permaculture design course - all those lovely people to give titbits to a such a sweet and affectionate dog means that the Tubby Teddy is now on a strict rĂ©gime and there is no question of hiding snacks in the gravy boat as a means to an end. The Ploughboy is in the Land of Nod, the General is on manoeuvres, the Princess is seeking for treasure on the streets of a nearby cathedral city, and the Head Chef is bringing home the bacon.

So that leaves poor deserted Pomona to do the deed. I promise that I shut my eyes and stirred the bits of paper well (although I couldn't manage to take a photo with the hand that wasn't doing the draw, as hand-eye coordination is not one of my life skills). I did well managing to get the gravy boat, which is not fixed to the plate and does slip about rather, outside without tripping over and sending all flying.

And you remember I mentioned the weather earlier - I braved the elements indeed (and without the benefit of cardi, vest or socks) as the gale was howling and the rain thundering against the roof of the verandah. (Actually, it isn't really a verandah, but it is outside and it does have a roof - I thought rain thundering against the roof of the verandah sounded quite tropical, and might have a warming effect.)

So I did the draw, took the before and after photos, came back inside shivering, and loaded the photos onto the computer, only to find that Cheryl had done a somersault, and was the only winner not visible. Cheryl, I am really sorry, but I did go back outside where the wind had whipped up even more, and the rain was louder and more insistent, then as I put you down for another photograph, you and your fellow winners all blew away.

So here are the six winners of copies of Kate Haxell's Twenty to Make: Bunting and Pennants, courtesy of the lovely people at Search Press. Look at the poor winners shivering in the breeze: Dragonfly, Faith76, Rosa-Munda, Green Rabbit Designs, The Garden Bell, and Cheryl (upside down). Please could you all email me with your posting details, my dears.

And I am shivering inside with the wind keening and wuthering and my hands as cold as ice - time to take up my favourite sock book and knit up some woolly comfort to warm the cockles of my heart.


Little Blue Mouse said...

Congratulations to the winners, and well done you for braving the elements!

Sandi said...

Congratulation to all the winners, my you did a good job in such weather. I love your gravy boat, how gorgeous is that.
x Sandi

Pipany said...

I want that gravy boat! Congrats to the winners, lucky things. Blooming freezing here too Pomona x

lily said...

woops, how did I miss this giveaway........well done to all the lucky winners, very brave of you Pomona to do battle with the elemnts sockless and vestless........the dust fairy must be the same one who visits my house on occasion.......lovely gravy boat.

lily x

ted and bunny said...

yoo did something in July without the benefit of cardi, vest or socks?
My goodness I am impressed.
I take it you were wearing woolly hat and thermal gloves?

Congrats to the winner (sob...)

Cheryl said...

I was all 6s and 7s yesterday. Now I know why. My name was flying round your garden! Thank you for rescuing me. I think my dust fairy is related to yours. She always misses the bit where the handle joins the lids. Lovely gravy boat.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Thank you ever so much for braving the 'tropical' storm to pick my name out of the gravy boat!
I'm ever so pleased and grateful, looking forward to my lovely book! :)
Hope you've warmed up now!!
Thanks again,
Vivienne x

dragonfly said...

Eeeek! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see it drop through my door. I have an occasion looming that bunting will be perfect for!

Mrs. Micawber said...

I don't need a gravy boat, but I could really use a dusting fairy. I don't suppose they can be ordered from Amazon?

We had tempestuous weather too yesterday, but at least it was WARM rain.

I hope the doggy recovers well and quickly.

Floss said...

Wow, congratulations to the winners, and to you for braving all that weather! I think we are having the tag-end of your weather system here (we often do) - it's grey and dull, but of course not so hot, which is a blessing!

Frances said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

What a beautiful gravy boat you have...with or without the presence of a dusting fairy. I certainly could use a df around here, but have no idea how to book an appointment.

Your sock book is also my sock bible. It is so well arranged, and give great guidance to anyone who is going to try to make That First Sock.

Best wishes!

taylorsoutback said...

Good fortune was in that swirling wind for all the winners!
And you have a lovely piece of china!!

Lola Nova said...

Yes, much congratulatory brew haha to the winners, what lucky ducks!

And to you brave lady, for facing the torrents and lashings of the wind with the good sense to use a beautiful gray boat with a lid...I commend you, well done!

Barbara said...

Congrats to the winners but when did you have that weather I wonder. We certainly need some rain here.

The Garden Bell said...

Humblie Honored and doing the dance of glee here. What fun I'm going to have with these....

Thrilled and off to sit by the door and wait.

The Garden Bell - Kate

faith76 said...

Thank you x Well chuffed ! I've just sent you and e-mail with my details.

Leah x

Annie said...

My dusting fairy misses more than just the bits about the handles, we're thinking she might need new specs ;)

Congrats to all the winners, and good health to Mad Dog x

Indigo Blue said...

Congratulations to the winners and have fun making all those crafty ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pomona,
Congratulations to the very lucky winners.
I pleased to hear you are having some longed for rain at last, hope it helps the conservation meadow.

Nicky said...

Sad am I but cheery for winners and worried for poor destitute Pomona braving all weathers in such a hearty and self-sacrificing way - but for goodness sake why didn't you don cardi, socks etc????


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