Monday, 7 November 2011

Thrift and November; or, I'd rather be making and creating

How are things in your neck of the woods? Here it has been one of those grim, grey November days when the sky feels low enough to touch and the world sapped of light. I found myself much in need of the Making Winter cheer of Emma's lovely mosaics.

Dreaming of sunshine and sofa time
And contrary to Nancy's good advice, I have spent the day inside slaving over 103,000 words and trying to find somewhere in the house light enough to be able to read without turning the lights on. Like so many thrifty practices, there is a downside, and in this case my efforts at being thrifty have led to collateral damage in terms of aching eyes (not such a good idea) and a certain weariness of mien.

A happy place
I should also have remembered my previous attempts at knitting in the dark and not tried to be thrifty on the illumination front as last night this led to my ripping back my Ten O'Clock scarf twice over (and it is a very simple pattern, honestly), so that all I have to show for an evening's work is one small repeat (possibly thrifty, definitely stressful).

So what on earth am I going to show and tell in my Christmas Challenge weekly progress report? Oh dear . . . One week in and I am already falling behind. Not a good start.

Unbirthday presents
Rather than revving up for the smooth run to Christmas I have been sidetracked by a sudden influx of remunerative work, which of course is a Good Thing, but the trouble with paid work I find is that it eats into knitting and stitching time something rotten, which is quite a dreadful thing to say, but as part of the decluttering involved in redecorating, I have had to give up the dark and gloomy yarn cupboard in the corner of the sitting room, and now my yarn stash is awaiting a new home. Which means it is sitting on the bed behind my desk smiling and calling to me as I sit at the computer ostensibly working and trying not to roam the corridors of Ravelry looking for free patterns (thrifty? Hmm . . .).

I made them all by myself
And there have been unbirthday presents (not to mention birthday presents). I have a habit of being so pleased with myself when I make something presentable that I cast around for someone to give it to, so my two Pleated Pouches (the pattern is from here) rather than remaining in stock for jolly old Yuletide have found their way to new homes, the flowery one as a thank you for being a friend to Princess Bunchy, and the spotty one as a thank you for my dear Mamma.

Fun with velcro
But all is not lost - I have finished one book today, and with luck the next one won't arrive until the next day, and maybe even the sun will shine tomorrow, and I can sit and knit and sew to my heart's content, and who knows? Perhaps I may have some lovely Christmas presents to show you tomorrow . . .

Stitch, stitch, stitch . . .?

Credits: sofa pincushion and My Happy Place fabric from Amy at During Quiet Time; fabric for Pleated Pouches - Tanya Whelan Grand Revival Ava Rose.


Alix said...

The pleated pouches are sweet, as is your drapey sewing tidy thingy - such a good idea that. I'm working most of this week, and it sure does get in the way of stitchy, yarny fun...Hope you manage to catch up with your Christmas Challenge.

Amy said...

I love knowing that you are enjoying your pincushion way over there in England! And your pleated pouches are great! Now I want to go make some but I better go get the kids off the bus instead!

Anonymous said...

I love your sofa pincushion and your needlecase. I think I need to make myself some of these. After Christmas, of course, as I too am trying to get "revved up" for gift making.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love the green spotty bag, really pretty. :)
Vivienne x
P.S. It is extremely annoying not being able to knit when you want to!!!

VintageVicki said...

Hasn't it been grey & yuck today - I want the sunshine back.

I've been trying to do some festive making but other stuff keep getting in the way.

Rowan said...

It's amazing how everyday life gets in the way of doing the things you actually enjoy isn't it? I get sidetracked by all the lovely links on people's blogs:)

Katy Cameron said...

Oh, sorry you've been having grey weather, we've finally had a shocking 3 day run of sun (although it's bitterly cold, and there's freezing fog at night because we're so close to the Clyde)

Still, like what you managed to create whilst not being sucked in by the knitting. Those day jobs do get in the way though, don't they? *sigh*

Shocking Hocking said...

yes, thrift - gas and electricity is sooo expensive here so i walk around turning lights off and trying to get the kids to hang towels instead of throwing them in the wash - it all adds up right??

Mrs. Micawber said...

Are you editing? Reviewing? Proofreading? 103,000 words sounds rather ominous and certainly weighty.

Remunerative work ALWAYS gets in the way of the really important things. If we could only be paid to crochet and sew ... but I suppose that would take the fun out of it.

Those pouches are so cute. Take care of your eyes.

millefeuilles said...

Pomona, I feel your irritation at not being able to knit. It's not the same thing as paid work but my toddler is seriously getting in the way of all the wonderful creative things I NEED to do... No, it really isn't the same thing, is it?

We have had a grey couple of days but - this will make me sound a little weird - I quite like it in small doses. The symphony of yellows decking the trees go so well with the leaden skies.

I am hacking away here with bronchitis feeling a little sorry for myself. A spot of knitting would cheer me up!

Those pouches are so lovely: you need to rustle up a couple of dozen!

Karen L R said...

such activity over at your cottage! you have inspired me to try a wee pouch. this morning. without delay. now.

OK, after my breakfast...


Helen Philipps said...

The pleated bags are very sweet, I love the fabrics you've chosen. I sympathise with your creative frustrations....just when you long to spend time on making something, lots of other things come along and get in the way! I hope you catch up soon, and have some nice new presents in your Christmas pile. I love all your sewing things (and I have the same needlecase too!) Off to do some sewing now...after I've put dinner in the oven that is!
Helen x

Julie said...

Its really dreich here - grey and wet and misty - yuck. I can totally relate to your desire to abandon the paid work and get sidetracked onto other things. I get dreadful pangs of desire to make completely unimportant things whenever I have a deadline looming. Juliex

Tabiboo said...

It has been so grey. I feel utterly zapped of any enthusiasum and that's been the best part of this week.

Fingers crossed you get to relax a little before the next book arrives.

Nina x

Little Blue Mouse said...

It's been grey and damp here for the last few days, but at least it's not really cold.

elizabethm said...

I am sitting here feeling not very well and sorry for myself. Too sorry for myself to work or even do my easiest crochet seems particularly harsh. I shall just have to relax into blog reading! Hope your decorating is going well. I don't live well with chaos either although looking at my house you may not be able to tell!

grace said...

what a gorgeous fabric "box" for your sewing bits, very cheery

Barbara said...

We have had some misty and grey days haven't we. What a difference it makes when one wakes up to a sunny morning.


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