Saturday, 3 May 2014

May on a May morning

I peer through the undergrowth at a vision of bluebells and feel as if all has woken from a long sleep.

The may* was out this May morning - but it was too cold to cast a clout.**

There are things of interest in these hedgerows but some figures remain shadowy.

And I find myself treading a familiar path, edged with Queen Anne's Lace.***

*Crataegus monogyna: may blossom, or hawthorn flowers.
**Ne'er cast a clout before the may is out, or, don't abandon those woolly jumpers too early in spring.
***Anthriscus sylvestris, or less poetically, cow parsley.


silverpebble said...

OH! So lovely to see you back here. Isn't the cow parsley joyous? The girls and I spent some time up at our village wood this afternoon. I gazed at the darling buds of the may bush. I sighed deeply.

Indigo Blue said...

Great to see you back and a new banner picture too.
I love bluebells and I bought some today and planted them ready for next year. Lovely pictures, I hope Spring/Summer is getting here at last. Been drawing cowslip alot over the past couple of years as part of an evening class so I have come to love it quite a bit.


pigeon pease said...

Glorious. Good to see you back too

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Hello stranger!

Will you be stopping long? It'd be lovely if you'd stay awhile this time :)

The cow parsley's only just appearing in North Wales but we have May blossom aplenty.

Karen L R said...

Hello friend! So lovely to see you back here. You have been missed!


Rowan said...

Nice to see you posting again. You must be further south than me - neither the hedge parsley nor the May blossom are out here though they won't be long now I hope - lots of wonderful bluebells though.

driftwood said...

oh how I love the white froth of cow parsley x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

no May flower here yet but I'm going out this afternoon to look again!
V x


Lovely post and thanks for the info on 'casting a clout' as even though I say it each May, I never did know what I was talking about! No change there though! xCathy

andrea creates said...

nice to see you back the queen anne's lace :)

phil said...

my 3year old saw the cow parsley on our way to school and said "mummy those flowers are growing into cauliflower cheese". i couldn't bring myself to change his perceptions for now!

phil said...

think i just posted using my husband's google id. oops! this and the previous comment are from little treehouse :)

Gigibird said...

So lovely to see your post after such a long hiatus.

Isn't May a beautiful month - full of optimism and promise.

Frances said...

Pomona, seeing this post from you has added to the beauty that May is beginning to bring to New York City.

Welcome back! I do hope that you'll not wait too long before saying hello again.

I grew up in Virginia, knowing about how beautiful Queen Anne's Lace was, but being warned by my Mom that the flowers were natural habitats for ticks. Still don't know if that's really true! It was many, many years later that I realized that the Cow Parsley I read about in British books was the very same tempting spring beauty.

Best wishes to you and yours. xo

Jak said...

Lovely to see you back - hope you are all well!
Jak x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

I seem to have been looking at the blackthorn blossom here forever thinking when will the hawthorn start to open and in the last week our hedgerows have gone from the brightest green to an explosion of white froth! It's so lovely to see this first hint of the warmer(hopefully) days to come, though I have to say we have had a delightful Bank Holiday weekend weather wise!

Mrs. Micawber said...

How are you, Pomona? So good to hear from you again.

I thought that looked like cow parsley - over here when we say Queen Anne's Lace we're usually referring to Daucus carota.

Your hedgerows are full of loveliness. Happy May!

Cottage Garden said...

Hello Pomona, so good to see you back!

The cow parsley is just getting going in the hedgerows here - there is nothing better than swathes of cow parsley on a sunny summer's day.

Hope you stay awhile ....


Cheryl said...

Hey, hello stranger. It's good to see you back. Loving the swathes of Queen Anne's Lace.

Floss said...

Hello there - how beautiful it is around you! We have lovely green here too, although our May would have to named 'Avril' to make any sense. We have cast a number of clouts but I'm still wearing my trusty legwarmers tonight.

Barbara said...

Well I have checked in now and again and always disappointed when you are not there. What a surprise today.
Memories of your local lanes. The hedgerows here have been magnificent this year.
Do hope it is just business that has kept you away and that you have not been unwell.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I miss the English hedgerows. I suppose I must say British but mine were actually English. I came to the US from Bedfordshire and I still miss it even after all these years. Especially so when I see pictures like yours. Thanks for the memories


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