Saturday, 19 September 2009

It's a dog's life

What's happening in the garden at Pomona's cottage?

Quick, quick, put that camera down and come and help!

What's the Head Chef doing with Bramble in that big tub?

The indignity of it! I'd have had his hand off a few years ago.

I'd better join the queue.

I'm hiding - he'll never think of looking for me on my bed in the scullery.

How does he expect a lady of my advanced years to get out of here?

Are you all right in there, my dear?

He'd never have dared do this a few years ago.

Thank you for your concern, little ones - I think I will survive.

It's all right for the likes of you looking on and taking photographs of the suffering of others.

Oh no, it's my turn next!

What about me?

Jump for joy! It's not our turn for a bath today - we get to go for a walk!

All's well that ends well.


Michela said...

Hi Pomona! I've planned to do the same tomorrow to my 2 little dogs..ssssshhh I've not told them yet! Have a lovely weekend!

marigold jam said...

Loved your post. What a super dog the first one is - I'm not really a dog person but he/she looks really lovely. We have cats so no bathing normally required!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend - hope you have the same lovely sunshine we have today for your walk with the dogs.


Lola Nova said...

I'm sure she's feeling much better now and showing off her tidy appearance. Oh those dog days of September. said...

Awhhhhh, Pomona they are all beautiful. Great post again! Suzie. x

heidi said...

bless them!! it is my jack russell,oscars turn tomorrow.we have been on our hols & he is smelling less sweet then before we went as he has been having great fun on the its the works tomorrow,manicure the lot!! x

Floss said...

Oh no - you cruel owners! Our Raja is just returning from a walk in the Pyrenees with Ben and his brother, so it's just posible that another dog will suffer the same indignity tonight - on her first long walk with us she jumped into an old trough full of stinky pond-weed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pomona, great post, enjoy your weekend.

Hen said...

Ohhh, so cute! Am I allowed to have faves because I love that little black and white doggy. They're all lovely of course!
Hope you're having a good weekend. Amazingly good weather here today.
Hen x

susan said...

Hi Pomona,What lucky little doggies all going to look smart now. would you like to bath my Poppy? she's a beautiful blonde german shepherd but a nightmare to wash and dry. The fur round her ears looks like it's been crimped when wet !
I was delighted to read such a lovely list of all things English on my blog from you.
Thank you Susanxx

Lyn said...

I love that last photo, he's so happy!

Shirleyanne said...

Brilliant! If my dog, Max, sees the sea or the river then that's great and not to be missed but when water and soap suds are presented, then there's definitely a 'song and a dance' until the end of the bath!!!

Kind Regards

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hilarious! Love the commentary. Dogs are great, such characters and so receptive. Mine doesn't really like being bathed either, but loves being towel dried and seems to think it's some sort of game and races around like a puppy afterwards! Bye for now. Lesley

Chrissie said...

pigs and hens next?!

Menopausal musing said...

How many doggies do you have? I am with Hen (love that little black and white one!). x

andamento said...

he he! lovely photos & comments.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Ahhh yes the indignity of the bath. Now they probably smell perfectly fine to each other but to we humans there is a limit to how much we can tolerate.
When it comes down to it probably it feels great and refreshing.
Mine is bathed every two weeks and has learned a long time ago to enjoy it... especially when she runs around after making everything damp in her wake.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Pomona!
A cuffudly muddly on my part with the original links on the letter writing swap - sorry!! I have changed the links now, as you are meant to be matched with Ruth in the UK not Ruth in USA..... I should have realised 2 names the same would be a challenge too far for my little brain....!
I hope this is okay, but do let me know if you have already made contact with Ruth USA !!! In which case we'll go back to the drawing board...
Denise x

Beth said...

Super cute photos!
Looks like a fun bathtime!

Florence and Mary said...

Fun post!

Victoria xx

The Garden Bell said...

What a great bathtime story.... Short and sweet and adorable pictures.

What a fun clean way to start the week.


Cottage Garden said...

awhhhh - such a fun story! They all look such great characters. How refreshed they must feel, after the traumas of being washed - more reason to go running off and jumping in the nearest puddle/lake/sea!!!

Jeanne x

Calico Kate said...

Awww!! What a lovely bunch of pooches!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh gorgeous dogs! One day I'll have a canine friend....!
Thanks for your comment about the Utmost Challenge Pomona. Similar to you, we tend to live this way most of the time, but occasionally consumerism gets the better of me! I'm hoping the challenge will keep that at bay, and most of all I hope I will learn to be more resourceful. Isn't it interesting how many of us are on this frugal journey.
Wishing you a happy week
Denise x
PS: thank you for your patience with the letter swap links!

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely series of photos!

Ticking stripes said...

Lovely photos as always. Love you blog and the comments you put on others.Always very generous and thoughful...

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Pomona
I've just seen your blog on the Utmost Challenge list over at Dottie Angel - so excited that you are in!!! Gosh, what a lot of tips and ideas we can all share over the coming months. Exciting!
Congratulations and Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Oh I have enjoyed this post, anything with furry friends involved is nice to see.
Thanks for your comment about my blog on blogger I am not convinced really, but you will find me more at the wordpress blog. Thank you for being a friend, speak soon. Julie.C

Elise said...

Didn't they behave well ?

this is my patch said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my garden blog. Like you, I so appreciate every comment I receive. I just wish I had more time to reply sooner! Feel free to visit me over on my home blog too. I am not always out in the garden!

How about a different colour tubtrug for each of your dogs? They come in all different sizes! x


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