Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rose-tinted; or, a disquisition by any other name

Wrap up warm
I just have to thank you all for your lovely comments on my previous posts - I am sure that you will all be most ecstatic to know that I have quite overcome any urge for a slot on Radio 4.

Boots tightly buckled

After all, it would probably only be three minutes long and as is their wont in the interests of Balance they would invite in someone guaranteed to disagree with every word I said, and I am sure that it would be all too flustering.

Thick woolly tights and extra skirt for warmth

And do I need such an outlet for venting my witterings on sundry subjects?

Don't forget a nice warm shawl
Why, no, I can stand on my soapbox in the orchard and expound my opinions to a captive audience, who are bound to nod sympathetically and agree with my every word, as if not they won't get their daily rations.

An adoring audience
Actually, I lie, it is not a soapbox, it is a beer bottle box, which would seem more fitting considering my heritage and connections (not that we are a family of soap-dodgers, you understand, there being only one soap-dodger in this little household and you know who you are).

Captive audience

Not that I know what a soapbox looks like, although I have always coveted one (along with a wrapover flowery pinny just like the one on Hen's blog here).

Distracted audience
And if the furred and feathered friends walk off, then all is not lost, as I have you, my dear readers, who say such nice things and fortify my resolve in so many ways (and raise my ratings with my offspring, as every lovely comment is another little point on the scorecard of people who agree with what their mother says, and also a demonstration of my long-expressed adage, 'If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.')

How interesting. Yes, fascinating. I wish she would go on forever. Don't worry, she will.

In fact, the days of expressing that adage seem to be fading fast, as the bickering has simmered down, and rarely now am I called upon to intervene in some sibling dispute, muttering under my breath blessed are the peacemakers . . . (I can never remember the second bit, in spite of the fact that I had to memorize the Beatitudes at school, but thanks to your encouragement I think I will now add, blessed are the knitters and needlewomen, the cooks and the bottlewashers for where would the world be without them . . .).

Did you say something?
The quiet has fallen again, although the house did erupt quite unexpectedly into noise, and grubby sinks, and wet bathmats, and voracious appetites, as my big boys arrived home again with laundry and empty stomachs, only to depart back to the groves of academe almost as suddenly as they had come.

And as they say, it Never Rains but it Pours - only a couple of days ago I was looking at my shiny sinks, and my tightly-laced shoes, and thinking that this is all very well but it won't keep me in cashmere cardigans, hand-dyed yarn and fat quarter bundles, then suddenly half-term hits me like a wave, with wall-to-wall B&B guests (the last two said that it was the best B&B they have ever stayed in, oh joy), sheets flapping on the washing line, sheets piled up in the ironing basket, sheets in the washing machine, and 100,000 words flying in over the wires (not a rush job, just a couple of weeks, you're not going away for half term are you?) . . .

Best coat
There was nothing for it but to put on my best coat and boots and my rose-tinted spectacles and gaze at far horizons, for the world to appear in a whole new light.  And the best thing about those glasses is that the rosy glow is not the least metaphorical - I suddenly noticed, as I was driving the Princess about, that as we motored down the hill with the Kentish countryside spread before us the sky was the most wonderful Technicolor blue, and I said to the Princess, look at those most exceedingly wonderful autumnal colours, look at the leaves on the trees all marching across hill and vale in the brightest and richest coppers and golds that I have ever seen in all my born days, it must be the weather this year . . . and I took off my glasses to see more clearly, and the colours went out like a light and we were back to English watercolours in shades of grey and russet.

Bathed in a rosy glow
So back on with the shades, they make the world a happy place - they came free with a Tatler magazine (or perhaps the magazine was free with the sunglasses) and I bought them on a whim in the spring for the promise that they would make me look rich and glamorous and famous and thin, and a whole host of other enthusiastic adjectives so many that I can't remember but I know that they must be true for they were printed on the paper that came with the magazine.

I will stride forth into the future, secure in the encouragement that you give me, and loving the rosy glow.


Daisie said...

I am in love with your green boots! x

millefeuilles said...

Dearest (dare I say one and only?) Pomona, I have been a bad girl this week as I couldn't muster the energy to tap away at the keyboard writing a reasonably intelligent (ha, ha, ha) comment on your last two intelligent (cetainly not ha, ha, ha) posts. I did, of course, read them, paper tissues at hand (due to mourning our beloved late cat) and now I feel more tissues would be handy here as I am somewhat moved by your post.

I get it all. Completely.

I almost whooped for joy when I say the picture of you. Fabulous.

Have a great week and keep those rose-coloured spectacles on.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh yes, the glasses definitely make you look all those things... And I do love your adoring audience :oD

memmens said...

I love your words, all of them! You make me laugh, especially when I don't have the time, energy or wit to write my own blog posts - thank you!

Lucille said...

I love your best coat and your boots.

Mandy said...

What fabulous style you have xx

Kay G. said...

Keep your rose colored glasses and your attitude!
The photos with the chickens saying that you will go on forever made me howl with laughter. Funny isn't it, how a photo with a caption can just tickle a funnybone, it tickled mine!
Hey, I've seen Kent! Isn't it really beautiful in all seasons? Come on now, be honest!

susan said...

I must get me a pair of those glasses. I too need to look gorgeous, and rich, and most definitely thin!!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I have to agree with Daisie, I love the boots!!
Sometimes there is nothing else for it but to wear the rose-coloured specs!!
Vivienne x
P.S. "for they shall be called the children of God" is the rest of that quote!

Shocking Hocking said...

such style and grace - not only beautifully 'rosed up' in summer, but spectacularly 'coated up' in autumn - love your coat and it serves well for a little spruiking or (oratory)amongst the trees.

Beck said...

Great post, I love the shots of your audience. Have a great week Pomona xo

Mrs. Micawber said...

I am in love with the coat.

Leave the glasses on, I say. La Vie en Rose is much more pleasant than La Vie en Grise. (Or would it be Gris? Stephanie must pronounce on that point.)

A rosy week to you, and may your audience never wander.

dragonfly said...

We are boot twins!

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

Love the description of the return of your hoards, but I think it's your captive audience that made me titter the most.

Frances said...

Pomona, you are one amusing lady!

I do like that plaid coat, or is it a dress? No matter, it really looks grand on you, and I also admire your approach to layering.

Glad the the B&B sprung into action, and also that you can have some quiet time to recharge.

Your captive chicken audience are very handsome. It would be fun to try to paint or draw their portraits.

This comment is getting a bit long, but you inspired me! xo

Little Blue Mouse said...

Lovely outfit, I do so love purple and green together.

That's a great photo of the hens hanging onto your every word!

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I am loving the coat! I am drawn to that check color like a honey to Bee, and that added shape! Dare I ask where you found it? reminds me a little of Laura Ashley?

WAVE to the animals!
Do pop by and say hi to my ceramic friends :-}

Annie said...

I'm just wondering if it's okay to tell the kids they won't get any supper unless they agree with every word I say. It clearly works with chooks ;D

Zoƫ said...

I am in love with the coat - such a classic. Sadly, unlike you, I wouldn't have the figure to carry it off.

Your frock is rather lovely too - I shall have to find out where you shop!

elizabethm said...

Great outfit and wonderful glasses. I think I need some. My hens don't seem to hang on my every word quite as yours do. I am hoping it is the absence of the soapbox, beer crate or some means of lifting me above the crowd. I will try it from a bit higher up and report back.

Sue said...

I love sunglasses like these and insist that mine that I need for driving have the right rosy tint. Mind you, mine don't make me look rich, glamourous, famous or thin! So glad that you are sticking with us, your band of merry followers, and not desserting us for Radio 4 with all it's accompanying angst.

Julie said...

Your audience all look as if they are thriving - I think your beer box words must be doing them good! Juliex

Madelief said...

You made LOL!

Love your outfit! The dress and the coat look great on you!

Happy weekend,


Sandi said...

You kept me captivated from go to whoa. I laughted and nodded in agreement and giggled like a mad women at the chickens comments. I love your dress style, that's the inner me on the outer you
xx Sandi

Barbara said...

Wow a photo!! Your posts are so amusing Pomona.

Yes I agree, the best B & B though maybe I should not keep saying this,I maybe unable to book in the future


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