Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Beat him when he sneezes

In the interests of snufflers everywhere, I offer an alternative to beating your children. I have some sneezers in my house, and being as I am a caring mother and all that, I really did not want to resort to physical chastisement. But when the hankie drawer is so far from the kitchen that it really is too too much to exert oneself climbing the stairs, something has to be done to retain someone else's sanity.

What about a box of tissues, you say? Well, I say, have you ever seen a tissue box as pretty as this one, and even more to the point, have you ever seen the havoc tissues wreak when released into the wild, and they find their way way into the washing machine? Not to mention the trees, and the dust which falls off the tissues (try shaking one in a sunbeam), which makes the snufflers sneeze even more ...

But Ayumi at Pink Penguin came to my aid with her fabric basket tutorial, and a range of fabric called
Pam Kitty Morning (I really just bought it for the name) hailed me from afar. The hankie-like prints meant that I didn't have to put a big sign on the basket, and the biggest sniffer of them all instantly made the connection.

(By the way, you aren't allowed to use the top one, as it is there for display purposes only.)

[She is most touched by your kind comments, she says as she dabs her eyes in an Olympian way, most touched indeed, and thanks her readers most sincerely. She will no doubt be paying calls to return the compliment very shortly.]


Dinki Dots said...

Love that basket! I made one too recently using the same tutorial (http://dinkidots.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/fabric-basket.html) although yours looks better!
Maria x

Amy Friend said...

Ha, ha, ha, I love that the top one is for decoration only. I have all sorts of rules like that :)

Madelief said...

What a lovely and very stylish hanky basket Pomona!

Just read your comments. I have the same problem with some flowers in my garden too. My roses are full of mildew :-(

Happy evening,

Madelief x

Mrs Pixie said...

Ah such a pretty idea! :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Eek I wouldn't want to break the 'don't touch the top one' rule. :)
Tissues in the washing machine ~ nightmare!!!
Thank you so much for your kind words about my little rabbit and you're back where you belong on my blogroll, now don't go away again!! ;)
Vivienne x

Lx @ Twelve said...

Lovely, too nice for those sailors from your last post!
Nice to see you back.


Indigo Blue said...

I have used that basket tutorial in the past for putting wrapped chocs in at Christmas.
Good to "see" you again here.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Pomona! How are you? (I've been picturing you as being snowed under with Olympian guests [because your cottage is no doubt fit for the gods and therefore extremely sought-after this summer], and consequently having your hands much too full for blogging.)

Tissues in the wash are indeed a nightmare. I like your hanky box, and the idea of hankies in general. (May one enquire as to how many uses are allowed per hanky?)

So nice to see you back in Blogtopia. You've been missed. :)

Katy Cameron said...

There was me thinking I was the last person in the world to use hankies lol Mine are less pretty and more man size and functional though ;o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you back! The alternative tissue idea is fantastic. So fed up with the fibres and fluff in the washing machine... :)

Jooles said...

ooooh love the hankie basket ...so cute and a fab idea too.
by the way... IT IS SO LOVELY TO HAVE YOU BACK xxx
love jooles x

Frances said...

Hello from a sneezer who very much prefers fabric hankies, for all the reasons you mention. I've never, however, made any of my own, but have some truly lovely vintage hankies made long, long ago by a great auntie, and also some found over the years at antiques markets.

Maybe I will eventually get around to making some myself, that might someday become vintage!

Thank you also for the link to the talented Pink Penguin.


Isisjem said...

Great basket. Chief uses hankies - I can't bring myself to use them. I like the idea of a proper hankie then I think about germs between washing and think I'll stick with tissues and check pockets before washing with more care! :-)

Barbara said...

What a lovely idea and it certainly does beat a morning trying to rid the clothes and the carpet of wet tissue remnants.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm not a hankie user myself but I love your basket, and also that the top one is for display only!

Nice to have you back!


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