Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Knitting and dreaming

There is something very soothing about sitting on the sofa of an evening, knitting a few rows, and winding down from the day.

And knit, knit, knit is better than stitch, stitch, stitch for sweet dreams. I spent a night last week tossing and turning as I sewed in an endless train of zippers in my sleep.

But I have never had nightmares about knitting, I am sure - although to ensure that sitting and knitting in the half-light is stress-free I need the sort of simple pattern that I could, well, knit in my sleep.

Jane Brocket's pattern for these nifty little hanger covers fits the bill perfectly (you can find the pattern here) - easy enough to knit without your dreams turning to nightmares, and quick enough for a last-minute, charmingly retro present.

I love the clever little flowers which you make by winding yarn around a needle - rather like the fluffy balls I loved making when I was small.

And this can also count as a Thrifty Activity perfect for enhancing your halo of modest and frugal domesticity - I made these with yarn from my leftovers bag, and so can you too.

So there you are, a Thrifty Hint, a cure for insomnia, and a transfer from WIP to the finished list all in the space of one evening - what more could you want?

I have also just noticed that lots of new friends have joined the jolly party at my little cottage, so do go and say hello and welcome them to the throng:

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I do love blog names and often wonder how people think them up - the ones above are all so enticing, you just have to go and look.  I think I have put down all the new friends - I am never very good at keeping track of who has just arrived, so do tell me if I have missed you out, or if you have been following for ages and I have only just noticed, I prostrate myself most apologetically.

[And if you were wondering about the admirals, yes, they are still bothering me, and I am only doing this because otherwise I would be having nightmares about them and their stripes all the night long. I had better go and knit a bit of my favourite simple sock pattern to ward off any watery dreams. It is such an easy pattern that I can knit and nod away for hours, and the woolly stripes are so much more comforting than gold braid.]


Angela said...

I'm finding knitting very relaxing at the minute too - busy knitting hats for the sailors' society. Chilling out in front of "Bake Off" mindlessly churning out the 2x2 ribbing!

blessings x

ALoadofOldTat said...

They are so sweet & simple enough for me to do without having to concentrate! Love them.

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, I've never had zippers attack me in my sleep, but I have had programs I've been writing at work come and get me o.O

Anonymous said...

I too find knitting very relaxing, I am knitting now, talk about multitasking, love the hangers thank you for pattern
Thea x

Claire said...

Pomona your coat hanger covers are lovely.....great colours.
It's good t have a project you can work on without having to concentrate too hard on.

I was up at 2am this morning so perhaps I need to start something like this!!

CLaire :}

harmony and rosie said...

I'm really enjoying my knitting project a the moment, although I think there may be a little help needed some day soon,
Perhaps that's the time to give it up and knit coat hanger covers instead. Yours are lovely x

Mrs. Micawber said...

This is a lovely pattern, and even my knitting skills would be equal to it, I think. The little flowers are perfect.

I've had sewing nightmares too but nary a crochet one....

P.S. How did they keep the gold braid from tarnishing in all that briny moisture? I've always wondered.

Rosa-Munda said...

I'm just writing this at 4pm as I had been tossing and turning!! Looks like I need to find some needles and get busy. Thanks for the tip. Ros x

Sarah Jane said...

Hello! Thank-you for the mention, your coathangers look lovely :D

Rowan said...

I love knitting in the evenings especially now that it's getting dark earlier. Mostly I'm knitting for one or other of my grandchildren but cotton dishcloths are my favourite mindless knitting items. The coat hanger covers are really pretty.

dragonfly said...

Why on earth didn't I nip downstairs during my insomniac hours of 1-4am last night and knit myself back to sleep?

It could've been something to do with three teen boys sleeping (???) in the den, I suppose...

Susan Standen said...

I cannot knit for love nor money. But Emily is cuddled up with me here and she would like me to tell you she really likes your hanger covers.

marigold jam said...

Lovely and as you say ideal for relaxing after a hard day's work! Next time I can't sleep I will know what to do.

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Love those hangers Pomona! And such lovely shades of blue.
Victoria xx

Annie said...

I am so missing doing some knitting but it's just too hot at the moment - as soon as I feel the temperature drop, I shall knit some of these lovely coathanger covers. Great way to use up left over yarn. Axxx

Crafty Green Poet said...

I can't knit, sadly, but it always looks very relaxing when other people do it

Arianwen said...

I find myself conducting lesson and marking in my sleep.The hangers are cute I keep seeing things that I NEED to add to my queue of things to do.

saffa said...

Wow Pomona, those knitted hangers are beautiful! And I love the soft shades of blue, really lovely :) thanks so much for the mention on your lovely blog, very kind of you and much appreciated! Your so lucky you can knit, I have tried in the past but couldnt get it ( I am a bit 'special' in that way!) hope your crafty week is going well, safxxx

My Norfolk Life said...

I absolutely love your hangers - so pretty. Lovely colours too!

Frances said...

Pomona, this post strikes a chord with me. I always think of sewing as a pleasant skill, but one that requires precision, and if precision is lacking, some stitch removals and re-stitching. Somewhat tedious.

Knitting on the other hand (or two) is so relaxing, and once a bit of experience is gained, very easy to monitor. If you miss a stitch, gain a stitch, you can fix it up pretty easily. It's a technique that opens up lots of experimentation possibilities.

Same pattern with different needles or different yarn = totally different results. Fun to switch it all up.

Relaxing, sometimes able to knit without looking. (Would this ever be possible when sewing?)


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Pretties :D And knitted pretties at that. The best way to relax knitting, but you knew I was going to say that!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Would really like to see the pattern for your favorite sock but the link is not working. Please repost the link? Love this blog!!


Nicky said...

Ha now this does take me back a bit!

Barbara said...

Just the size of things I like to knit these days. Have given up on the large items. It's dishcloths at the moment.


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