Thursday, 11 October 2012

Walking uphill; or, the beauty of a barn door

 I have great dreams of powering off to the gym every morning, and honing those muscles in preparation for the physically demanding tasks of basting a quilt top or casting on a legwarmer. But, alas and alack, they remain dreams - as the days get shorter, the nights longer and the mornings darker, it takes an even greater effort of will to heave myself from the warm and cosy nest that is my bed.

No quilt in sight

If I were left to myself I would spend the winter months huddled up indoors, never straying too far from the fire or sofa. But luckily I have the services of a personal trainer to keep me up to the mark.

An October morning

Several mornings this week I have tried to begin the day by sitting at my computer, thinking that I couldn't possibly go out in the cold and damp because I have so much to do, but no, there is no slacking - there is my trainer by my side, arms around me, whispering in my ear, come along do, you know it is time for our yomp, you know it will do us both good.

Personal trainer extraordinaire

She will brook no refusals, and shivering and resigned I find myself in the lane, wrapped up to the nines, wellied and ready.

The road less travelled

And she is right, you know.

Green and growing
It is the best thing in the world on a dreary grey morning to go out into the wide world to seek out the tiniest weakest gleam of watery sunshine peering from behind a cloud, to find the widest most open spaces you can, stand on the highest point you can reach in the landscape, get a little breathless, look far and near, and observe the seasons and the weather and the green growing things defying the turning of the year.

Poppies on the grattan

Nothing can match the bliss of walking out one mid-autumn morning and listening to the curlew crying and hearing the wind in the trees, the sound of far, far away traffic a distant hum, and the sound of boots slap, slap on the muddy lane the most insistent noise around.

More flowers in October

There is nothing better than this and I would wish myself nowhere else, with the soft ground underfoot and my faithful friend by my side.

Come on, keep up

There is some Welsh in her ancestry and I imagine her forebears as drovers' dogs, padding across the land, watching and listening, herding and keeping safe.


And I saw barn walls perfect for hanging quilts on, sitting waiting in the morning light, and now I am hoping that one fine day I will turn the corner and see there amongst the trees and the clouds a quilt hanging, blowing gently in the breeze, a vision just for me.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely post and a faithful friend! :)
It's not just the barn door that is lovely so is that beautiful honey stone wall!
Vivienne x

noknittedknickers said...

Is your personal trainer exclusive or available for consultation? If I'm to continue visiting Pump Street (see latest post) I may be seeking out his services sooner than I'd wish... And yes, that barn wall is crying out for a quilt! C.x

Lola Nova said...

What a wonderful post! Perhaps I too need such a companion and trainer to get me out into the day as well.

I am quite amazed that you have wild chamomile growing in October!

Amy Friend said...

Those barn walls are gorgeous!!

Mise said...

Your civilized countryside is beautiful. I feel now as though I've had a good brisk stroll myself and deserve a warming brandy by the fire.

marigold jam said...

Lovely wall in the golden light - do hope a quilt will appear soon! Your personal trainer is lovely and who could not go out when a PT like that is ready and willing to go with you?

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Beautiful walk Pomona! Can't wait to see your quilts hanging from those gorgeous rustic walls!
Victoria xx

Cottage Garden said...

This post has warmed my heart dear Pomona - "observe the seasons and the weather and the green growing things defying the turning of the year".

As I commented on Lesley's blog earlier today, it has been too long since I went on a really good walk. I've been shackled to my desk and office bound with far too many deadlines. I need to release those endorphines. Thank you for this timely reminder.


Down by the sea said...

My dog is the opposite, she is the one wanting to stay at home! It was worth going out and enjoying being outside.
Sarah x

...Tabiboo... said...

Now that's what I'm talking about.

A cottage do you say...for sale - hmmmm....I wonder.

Nina x

Susan Standen said...

Beautiful photographs and beautifully written!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

At least you have wonderful countryside to ramble in! Ada :)

Thea said...

Its good to be out and about what ever the weather, you never know what you might stumble across
Thea x

Sarah Jane said...

Beautiful pics!
Sarah xo

Mama Smith said...

So sweet, I need a personal trainer like this! I've been feeling so lazy as the days get shorter. My cat just encourages the laziness :)

Frances said...

Pomona, your marvelous personal trainer is a gem! How wonderful to have this encouragement in early mornings as our days grow shorter.

How wonderful that you took your camera along.

Bravo to both of you! xo

Mrs. Micawber said...

Hear, hear!

P.S. It IS dreadfully hard to get out of bed on frosty mornings.

dragonfly said...

Every night when I go to bed, I tell myself that tomorrow I will go for a walk. I fail most days. I have almost become stuck indoors. Always finding an excuse not to go out.
I know that the biggest reason is that I find my neighbour totally uninspiring. My personal trainer is hopeless on a lead and makes the whole process unpleasant. How I yearn for fields and green. And a fitter, happier me.

Jo said...

That's one cute personal trainer. I'm so pleased I've got a dog otherwise I'd be huddled up in the house all winter. No hope of that when you've got a wet nose nuzzling your hand telling you it's time for walkies.

Helen Philipps said...

Wonderful walk, Pomona...and such a delightful personal trainer! I agree, those barn doors would be perfect for a photoshoot involving quilts :)
Wishing you a happy weekend.
Helen x

Mousy Brown said...

Oh I so matter how rotten I feel, or how awful the weather is, Snap makes me walk and I end up loving it! The nature cure works for me every time! xx

Karen L R said...

Perfection, Pomona.
What a lovely way to start my day...inspired.
Thank you.

Gillian said...

So true. I appreciate the tedium of the walk to school purely for the exercise and fresh air it gives me. But I know what you mean about wanting to hibernate in the winter...I have no interest for running at the moment, I just want to eat and knit and eat and crochet and watch strictly come dancing! x

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love walking in all weathers (unless there's thick ice underfoot!). But like you i find it more difficult to make myself go out into the cold!

Sophie said...

I adore this wonderful post.
so lovely and I can relate to it entirely.

melanie said...

Such a wonderful post! I too, if it were left to me, would spend the colder months hibernating indoors, but thankfully we have 2 personal trainers, who keep me on track, lol :)

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Dogs really are great to get us up and moving, and to take us out of ourselves a bit, too. You have a wonderful area for your training!

Jooles said...

I need one of those personal trainers!
beautiful walk, thanks
Have a lovely weekend
love jooles x

Sylvia said...

I do love your personal trainer, so cute !
Enjoyed this post :-)
Nice weekend,

Claire said...

Hey Pomona, your personal trainer is one tough cookie, hehe.....
Just what I need I think.......early mornings are the best time to be up and about and enjoying the scenery.
Beautiful pics....

Claire :}

Carol said...

What a handsome Personal Trainer, no wonder you are 'walking out' with him. Our cat is happy to escort me around the garden for a few minutes but soon finds something in the bushes to distract her.
Carol xx

Little Blue Mouse said...

I agree, nothing beats a good walk in the countryside. I much prefer walking in the colder months because I can have a brisk walk without getting too hot.

Barbara said...

Great to have the company of your own personal doggy trainer. Walking I find like gardening - hard sometimes to make the effort but oh so glad once out there. Extra wonderful in the beautiful sunny days this week.

Katy Cameron said...

Well you got some lovely piccies for having dragged your arse out of bed!


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