Friday, 19 August 2011

Fox and hens in the orchard hexie case; or, I should have been working

Following last night's unbounded optimism, and superfluity of good things, I was determined that today of all days would be distinctly free of sludge.

So after a morning spent poring over very squinty figures, I decided that this afternoon would be fun, fun, fun, and although a rush proofreading job came in over the wires after lunch (a Good Thing for the bank balance), somehow I found myself drawn towards my sewing machine. Those enticing pieces of fabric that I had cut out whilst burning the candle at both ends were calling me, calling me - and vainly I attempted to resist their siren sound (not such a good thing for the coffers, but good for the soul).

So Slack Alice I became, I abandoned the remunerative work, and headed for the fun stuff. (I fear that I will never be a Captain of Industry at this rate.)

A pesky squirrel in the undergrowth

And so I had a wonderful time a-trimming and a-piecing, and the result is a lovely Hexie Case made from the pattern I bought from my clever friend Amy.

An upside down hexie case

Please do admire how I managed to get the directional fabrics the right way up (thanks to a handy hint in the pattern at the crucial moment) and even managed a zip (thanks to the very clear instructions and helpful photos), all quite unusual for me.

Hens in the orchard

And please do notice how in a bizarre form of transference I have managed to encapsulate my life in the cottage in hexagonal form: the hens and the orchard and the flowers and the doggy footprints and the predatory foxes creeping along the edge and even the pesky squirrels and rabbits lurking amongst the trees in the distance.

Foxes creeping along the edge

Such flights of imagination were facilitated by the lovely Anika organic fabric which I bought from Kate at M is for Make - she does a fat 16th bundle of the range for only £4.50 which I think is a perfect way to buy some coordinating bits for small projects such as this. The orchard print is Nature Walk by Cloud 9, another organic fabric, and also from M is for Make. I originally bought a range of naturalistic prints in small amounts for my Farmer's Wife quilt - as a record of my life, I particularly liked the idea of including some foxes and hens and trees in that, and I have enough left of the fat 16ths after making the Hexie Case to provide plenty of pieces for the quilt. For the lining I used a fat quarter given to me by the lovely Sarah at Red Gingham a little while ago - it coordinates rather well, has a nice gardeny feel, and not being directional was really quite relaxing.

Flowers in the garden

If you would like to make your own Hexie Case, you can find Amy's pattern here, and some really pretty examples made by her here - as she says, I think they would be perfect school pencil cases, as they are generously sized, although I think I might use mine as a sock knitting bag as it will comfortably accommodate some DPNs, yarn, and an orphan sock awaiting a sibling. Perfect presents, too, but this one I am keeping for myself, I am afraid.

Have a good weekend - may it be full of making and creating!


{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

Not only did you make a beautiful pencil case you also made it reflect your home and everything around it, now that's clever!!

dottycookie said...

Now that is a clever design. I am very tempted indeed!

KC'sCourt! said...

WOW! They are wonderful
Julie xxxxxxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love it! I would keep it for myself too.
M is for Make is a great place to buy fabric, I too have some of that foxy fabric, need to do something with it though!
Orphan socks! - I have some of those as well. ;)
Vivienne x

Serenata said...

That is wonderful.

Amy said...

You did a bang up job with the zipper! Good for you! I love your hexiecase. Thanks for all your kind words too.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Great job and such lovely fabrics. I will have to tie my hands down as I am drowning in pretty stuff at the moment and need to use some of it first!

Barbara said...

Very clever and the material is so apt for you and your surroundings.

Forgot to mention on seeing your sun rise pic. reminded me of my view from the bathroom window at dawn.

millefeuilles said...

Oh yes,Pomona; I am making and creating!

I am so pleased your day turned out to be sunnier than yesterday. That is a nifty piece of sewing you have shared with us.

So when will you turn your attention to your proofreading, then? ;-)

Your comment on my blog made me chuckle out loud. You knew Kent was fantastic really, right?

Mrs. Micawber said...

I can see this with a little wrist strap added to better allow the proud owner/maker to show it off!

That fox fabric is wonderful.

Superior Threads said...

What a cute little bag. I love the colors and now want to make one too!!


Irina said...

It looks great!

Frances said...

Let's see, where to begin.

Wonderful that you have some income-making stuff to do, and also great that you are still able to go on with creative projects that are fun.

That hexi-case is a great design, and has many possibilities for having various "aspects" of an individual's personality on those oblong sides.

I think that it would be wonderful for a collection of double pointed sock needles. Clever you to think of that idea.

I am looking for a new sewing machine. Looking now at a Janome Jem machine, hoping that my aged Singer won't be offended.

All these sewing projects that you all are working on ... and completing...are stirring my dormant sewing energies.

(Still knitting, of course.)


susan said...

Your pencil case is lovely. And I could make one similar with some of my FoQ purchases. Bet I ended up with upside down squirrels though!

Gypsy and Nell said...

I really love the hexy case, the fabrics you've used are gorgeous, can't wait to see the farmers wife quilt, such a good idea. To capture the essence of your life in fabric.
Thanks also for the links will have a look xx

Mousy Brown said...

Great pattern, I love the fabrics you chose! I think I will be checking out both those links! I am very tempted by your talk of sock project bags....Have a good weekend Em x

Katy Cameron said...

Love the hexie case, and the bonus over round pencil cases it that the stupid thing won't roll off a desk!

Cottage Garden said...

Very clever Pomona. I love the way you have incorporated the elements of your home, garden and the beautiful Kent countryside into your hexie cases. I only wish I was clever enough to make one myself - alas they are beyond my feeble capabilities:-)


Catherine said...

Actually I think that's the secret..bit, by bit & then one day you realize that you've got there. I am at the beginning of the recushioning process...I hate when I get stuck on the "I'll just fold the fabric round the old one to see what it looks like" & then weeks later I have made no further advancements. I am often distracted by sludge & the siren call of my garden. A lovely concept..your life in fabric. It's a little bit like your knitting philosophy really..all this interweaving of memory & meaning & comfort & creativity : ) May you have a happy, rewarding week. Lovely about your blogger guests. Much love Catherine x

dragonfly said...

*love* the fabric choices you made. When I first saw the title with foxes and hens in the same sentence, I gasped!

Julie said...

The little hexie case is wonderful and I love the fabric.....some of it sneaked its way onto my shelves a couple of weeks ago! Juliex

Karen L R said...

foxes! i NEED some of that fabric!

off to shop...

Little Blue Mouse said...

Ooh, that's lovely!


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