Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Last day of August

The last day of August here in Old Blighty and the only sunshine to be seen is courtesy of the sunflowers gleaming brightly against the dull and cloudy skies.

But our meteorological woes are as nothing compared to those of our friends across the Big Pond, and to complain of a little greyness about the gills is pure frivolity.

Today I am thinking of Karen in Vermont as she sits and surveys the wasted scene which surrounds her little patch of earth which is so precious to her. Maybe you could go over and offer her a few words of comfort to fortify her soul - a small thing, but perhaps a little good deed to start the day is no bad thing for any of us.

A wiser soul than I once wrote that 'the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts' which make 'things ... not so ill with you and me as they might have been'.

And as a small and possibly cheering postscript, I did try to photograph the sparrows clustered eagerly around the sunflower seed heads, pecking away enthusiastically, but alas my tread is too heavy, my camera too lightweight, and the presence of my Little Stranger (to whom small, fluffy and fluttery means tasty morsel) by my side had a certain hampering effect.


marigold jam said...

Lovely cheery sunflowers. I will certainly pop over to see Karen in a minute. We are so lucky here in our little island even though our weather has been not what we might have hoped we haven't had the extremes that some folk have had have we? Loved the little postscript and your darling little doggie friend!

gillyflower said...

Hi Pomona
Have just popped over to Karens blog to try to add a few words of comfort.
Thankyou for the sunny sunflower photos - a real feel of autumn in the air these past few days.
Gill xx

Isisjem said...

your sunflowers really are a ray of sunshine! You are right out woe about the weather is nothing compared to what some countries have endured already!

VintageVicki said...

I've just been over to Karens - certainly puts other things into perspective :(

Sunflowers look lovely - I didn't grow any this year.

Annie said...

What a lovely thoughtful and thought provoking post ... isn't that just what's so perfect about this blogging community of ours, that we can spread a little sunshine ... off to visit Karen :D

Amy said...

Beautiful flowers! Poor Karen. The storm was scary and so damaging to many. We were lucky to escape with some broken tree limbs and no power for 3 hours.

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a thoughtful post, I shall visit Karen's.

Prairie Rose said...

Such cheery flowers!
Yes, we do need to think and pray for all the poor folks who have lost land, homes, and other precious items to the flooding and storms, and most are still without power and clean water today.
Also, love another darling Scottie dog pic!
Have a great day!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Just visited Karen, we complain about our weather but really we don't have anything to complain about!
Love your sunflowers, my absolute favourtie flowers.
Vivienne x

Katherine said...

Nothing says end of August like those gorgeous sunflowers, Pomona. Where did the summer go? A new month and a new season are just ahead.

Twiggy said...

Lovely post and lovely pics. We are lucky indeed not to suffer extremes of weather here. I think August has just been a typical August here and I've spent it with my boys which is the best bit!!
I'll pop over to see Karen now.
Twiggy x

Jooles said...

what a lovely post x
You are so right, we have it easy here weather wise, i shall pop on over to karens now.
jooles x

The Weaver of Grass said...

I need those sunflowers to brighten up the day here - it is almost dark and only 7pm.

Landbohaven said...

Fine billeder af dine Solsikker.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

I like your positive outlook Pomona, especially as I'm railing against the extra swift advance of autumn this year and the evenings drawing in!!!

Did taste some freshly picked blackberries today though - unbelievably sweet too. x

Karen L R said...

Oh, are simply the best.

Sue said...

Beautiful sunflowers, their vibrancy does help to make up for the lack of sunshine. I shall visit Karen's blog in just a moment.

Barbara said...

We certainly are in need of some warm and fine weather. Looks like this weekend may help briefly.

Time for a feast for the birds in your garden now as the sunflower seeds ripen.

Checked in with Karen's blog. I was surprised that there had been so much damage as far north as Vermont.


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