Sunday, 7 August 2011

A little stranger

I don't know why it is, but every time that I have to pick a giveaway winner, the weather takes a turn for the worse. This afternoon it is blowing a complete hoolie, just perfect for blowing little bits of paper right across the garden, and whipping up the sheets (yes, more sheets to iron) so that they cast a long shadow.

So I hope that you will all sympathize with me, cutting up 160 something bits of paper, and folding them all up neatly, and then battling the gales outside - I promise you not one of you got lost until after the draw when things fell apart rather.

Mad Dog was not available to do the draw this time, having been taken off by the Ploughboy to chase rabbits. And in spite of her strict régime, the vet tells us that Teddy-Face is still not as svelte as she might be, so not being sure of the calorific content of paper, we needed another contender. I turned around, and lo and behold! (it's getting to be a habit round here), there I found a little stranger.

Being a particularly little stranger, I thought a particularly shallow dish would be best, and one quite broad in the beam moreover, and the Little Stranger does not have quite such a snouty snout as the Mad Dog.

She was also a little slow on the uptake and much as I would love to give you all an Accuquilt Go! Baby fabric cutter, there is just the one on offer, so turfing all of you onto the grass was not really a way to make progress.

As fast as I piled you all back in, the Little Stranger nuzzled you back out, and then Teddy-Face joined in the party, no doubt on the prowl for extra calorific intake.

After one heave-ho too many, I decided that a jump-off, or possibly nuzzle-off, was the fairest option. So everyone who was on the grass was scooped up into another, more confining bowl, and we had another go.

Having satisfied herself that there were no treats to be had from this receptacle, the Little Stranger picked up a paper in her mouth and trundled off - and thus we had a winner.

The Head Chef swooped to retrieve that winner, at considerable risk to life and limb, as the Little Stranger was quite unwilling to give up her prize and snarled most ferociously.

But all's well that ends well: the Little Stranger found something far more interesting to bite, and dropped the little piece of paper by the wayside.

Before I reveal that lucky person, my commiserations to all of you who didn't win this time. Remember, as a consolation prize you can click on the picture below and Accuquilt will give you two PDF booklets of patterns for quilts and blocks suitable for cushions, etc. There are patterns for all levels of skill, and if you are signed up for the Accuquilt newsletter, they do send out special offers and discounts on the cutters and dies. (I think there are going to be a few dies on my Christmas list this year - I rather fancy some strip cutters for some log cabin work I have planned, so I might just sign up the Head Chef as well.)

22 Free Patterns - Download Now

So after all the cutting and folding and battling the element, here is the winner: susan I will be emailing you shortly. Congratulations on your win - all thanks to the Little Stranger.


Prairie Rose said...

What a darling puppy!
We have a Scottish Terrier mix and just adore him, he is such a clown and so smart!
Congrats to the winner!

Ruth said...

What a wonderful stranger! Does he have a name? :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well he got there in the end! Such a cutie.

harmony and rosie said...

Hopefully I at least made it to the confining bowl, as opposed to being munched down greedily by Mr Teddy-Face!

Congratulations to Susan, lucky girl!

Annie said...

What a perfect little stranger :) Does she have a name? And more importantly, is she stopping?

Oh, and well done Susan :D

KC'sCourt! said...

Congratulations Susan
Does the the little stranger have a name?

Katy Cameron said...

Hee hee, love the draw technique!

Indigo Blue said...

Congratulations Susan! Hours and hours of fabric cutting fun ahead of you me thinks!!

Serenata said...

Oh boo hoo here, shedding tears like the weather at the moment at not being the lucky winner. ;-) No seriously congratulations to Susan, I'm sure you will get much enjoyment from it.

I loved the way you managed to get a Little Stranger to pick the winner.

Snoodles said...

Congratulations to Susan! What a fun way to pick the winner....cute puppy, too!

Nicky said...

Lucky lucky ol' Susan - is she back home yet? What a nice surprise to come back to!

Angela said...

congratulations susan!

ted and bunny said...

congrats to Susan :)

I think I'll check your blog for iminent prize draws in future before I hang out my washing...even if the weather forecast says yes, your draws seem to know something else!

Have a good week

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congrats to Susan!
These giveaways are proving to be a hard work for you, aren't they!
Cute stranger. :)
Vivienne x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

congratulations Susan... xx

LethargicLass said...

Congrats to a fellow Canuck :)

I love reading the mishaps come giveaway time lol... gives me a giggle :)

Barbara said...

Congrats. to the winner Susan.

susan said...

No freaking way!!! Wow! Etc, etc. I can't belive that I won but despite that reaction - Woohoo! Thank you so much, I do appreciate it. And if Little Stranger needs adopting, please let me know. He's my most favourite dog in the world now. Got home from holiday short while ago. Will work my way through my emails and send private details privately. Again - thank you!!


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