Sunday, 26 July 2009

Absence and presence

I expect you have all heard of the old woman who lived in a shoe – she had so many children that she didn’t know what to do. Well, it seems that the gap left in my life by absent children is being filled up with courgettes. Yes, courgettes (or zucchini for those of other nations).

Here is this morning’s harvest – along with some dinky little cucumbers. Those round greeny-white things are cucumbers – I don’t know their name because I was given the plants. I think that they might be Australian in origin, but wherever they hail from, they taste delicious.

You might think that that is a modest and manageable harvest, but these jaunty little fellows are not alone – they are merely the tip of a great green and yellow iceberg. We have been eating courgettes every day. And we have frozen some as courgettes in tomato sauce. And we have tried to give some to friends. But, unfortunately, in the midst of an apparent national courgette surplus, there aren’t always willing takers.

This is the backlog (seemingly poised to take over the world as we know it).

And these are the ones that got away, hiding surreptitiously under leaves, and fattening themselves towards marrowdom.

So if you find yourself travelling along a quiet country lane and see a sign saying ‘Courgettes for sale’, please do stop and buy some. You could make an old woman very happy.


Michela said...

Hi Pomona!
They looks like melons..are they orange inside?
Melon and Parma ham...yum yum!

janie said...

I love all your varieties! As for the cucumbers, we call them lemon cucumbers.

Pomona said...

The little round ones look exactly like cucumbers inside - and they taste of cucumber. I do have one melon in my polytunnel though!

Pomona x

Kitschen Pink said...

there is a recipe book - entirely for a glut of courgettes! The problem we have is that all of our neighbours grow them too so not a hope of giving them away let alone selling any! Have you tried Marrow and Ginger jam? There are only so many one can eat though! t.x

Deb@ecstasy of being ordinary said...

Oh my, that is a lot of courgettes. Have you tried them in cake (I haven't)?

Good luck with offloading/using them up! Will be back to see what you do with them all...

Anonymous said...

You could make marrow and ginger jam! Ratatouille??

I only have one courgette at the moment despite having 6 plants! Must be the poor quality compost and site plus the snails and slugs.

If I were passing your garden gate I would buy some of your courgettes and a couple of marrows, love stuffed marrow and roast potatoes with fresh peas. MMMMM!
Sandie(Sandie's Patch)

Griffin said...

O Pomona, goddess of the Orchards... er, or courgette beds! You could have a look at the Chocolate and Zucchini website. Clotilde has a recipe for Chocolate and Zucchini cake.

Of course, those courgettes may well be secretly plotting to take over the world - mysterious things courgettes... good with mushrooms... and onions when stir fried! Er, don't tell the courgettes I said that will you?!

Jackie said...

Shortly after I visited you I found a recipe for courgette bread. Here


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