Thursday, 23 July 2009

Calorie-free cupcakes

Yes, you too can participate in the current cupcake fest – and not put on an ounce in weight! Sarah from Paper-and-String has come to the rescue.

Here is her absolutely wonderful Make Your Own Cupcake kit, which I was lucky enough to win in her giveaway earlier this month, and for which I am very grateful.

The catch, of course, is that you can’t eat these cupcakes once you have made them – well, you could try, I suppose, but I think that they would stick in your teeth.

However, felt cupcakes look just as pretty as the edible sort, and are definitely far, far better for you. The pink one at the front is from Sarah's kit.

Remember that doing nothing consumes more calories than watching television – so think how many you would use up by stitching a few cupcakes. (And really I didn’t make up that fact about the calories – I read it here.)

So all in all, I am very pleased with my cupcake kit. Giveaways are one of the things I love about blogland; it’s certainly the first time that I have won anything which depends on the luck of the draw. I think giveaways are a demonstration of a generosity of spirit which characterizes crafty bloggers – I don’t know if other types of blogger indulge in the same sort of thing, but I doubt if their prizes are as much fun. And it is fascinating to see how word of a giveaway spreads like magic amongst readers, and the comments proliferate, or maybe the readers are there anyway, and a giveaway tempts the quiet, shy types out of their silence.

I myself am not terribly good at keeping up with giveaways – I generally come across them by accident, but I know that Sarah at Paper-and-String has one every month (she must be a very generous soul). And there is one going on at Chez Sophie at the moment. As to any more, I am sure you will find them out yourself.

And for me, I will carry on working my way through my calorie-free cupcakes, and admire my shrinking waistline. Princess Bunchy has made a nice cupcake cushion to sit on, and a little blue felty cupcake because she rather likes blue icing. It has all been beautifully accessorized with an appley notebook, also courtesy of Paper-and-String, and a Bramley apple, courtesy of Mother Nature. Just right for Pomona to sit and dream.


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Hello Pomona
Thanks for linking to my give away, sorry you can't comment on my blog! I have put you in for 2 entries as you have left me a comment on your blog. Love the felt cup cakes.
Sophie xxxx

Greedy Nan said...

I'm going over to look at the paper and string blog and also at the cupcake pattern. Wondering if they might translate into bunting? What think you?
Lovely word veryfication is crackl

Michela said...

How lucky to win such beautiful goodies!


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