Sunday, 12 July 2009

Rosy red apples

Pomona is the Roman goddess of orchards and gardens, so it seems right to start my blog with a picture of some rosy red apples from my garden.
I live in an old farmworker's cottage along a quiet country lane, surrounded by my garden and orchard - I love to make things and grow things, and lead as sustainable a life as possible.

Pomona is a purely romantic inspiration, a nymph wafting amongst the trees - maybe the reality is more like Mrs Apple in Tales from the End Cottage! And I don't have two cats or a horse, just three dogs and a flock of hens.

My dream home has always been one of those crammed dwellings in
Brambly Hedge, stacked floor to ceiling with shelves and dressers, groaning with pots of jam and blue and white china - and, up above, apples on strings festooning the rafters. I am working towards that dream, so perhaps you would like to join me on my journey, as I knit and stitch and garden, and try to make that imagined world in my head become real.


Mrs B said...

oooooh I am there! How green am I? An orchard! BLiss! We used to have one in one of the houses I lived in growing up, I know how much hard work they are but the satisfaction of sitting in one with its apples ready for eating, all droney and dappled......ohhhhhhhh......envy is a wicked thing!! x x

Pomona said...

It does involve lots of hard work in the summer and autumn, but it is more than made up for in the winter when by chutney, jam, jelly, apple crumble, apple pie, apple muffins .. the list of appley deliciousness goes on!

Pomona x

sis in law said...

Well Darling it looks just gorgeous. I must however help you with some nautical terminology (courtesy of my much loved Dad ) those bit of rope on masts that are used to haul up the sail and go tap, tap, tap in the wind are called halyards. A lanyard is another bit of string that I know as being attached to a tool- knife whistle etc which allows you to use the item but have the rope around your neck or wrist so that should you drop it you do not lose it completely over board.
Much love kate

Pomona said...

I knew I'd get it wrong!! And I knew I'd be corrected - I've just been editing a book with halyards in, too - and what's more, I have lanyards on my keyrings so I don't lose them!! I'll stick to the needlework, I think.


Michela said...

Thank you for your kind reply Pomona!
I didn't read this post so far and looking back to your blog, I missed lot of intersting posts!
It's very funny..I'm Italian and I've never heard of this Roman Goddess! This name suits you perfectly! As already written in today's post your garden is a paradise!

Jackie said...

I just had to click the link from flossie teacakes to find the blogger who knits by candlelight, and then being a bit of a stalker i had to find your very first post.
Your B&B looks beautiful but you don't say where you are.


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