Saturday, 25 July 2009

Jam today

In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll ‘the rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday – but never jam to-day.’ But here at Pomona’s cottage we do have jam today, lovely cherry jam to eat on our scones – and it is a pot of our newly-made cherry jam made even more delightful by the addition of an absolutely beautiful little embroidered cover. I was sent this in the post by the kind (and very talented) Mrs B, also known as one half of The Two Scrumptious Ladies.

Mrs B, you have made my day! I came home stricken with maternal grief because I had put Princess Bunchy (my smallest baby) on the train – she is off on an adventure for a whole week, and my little fledgling has never been away that long before. So a little surprise in the post went a long way towards assuaging my tears.

It also provided me with another opportunity for a post to be labelled ‘presents’. As the small boy says in Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales, ‘Get back to the Presents!’ And I second that.


Hen said...

Loving that embroidered lid, what a lucky lady you are today! We went to pick the last of our cherries, only to find somebody else had already helped themself to them, but the owners kindly allowed us to pick another, smaller tree so we are inundated with cherries again. We've had two cherry pies which were divine and I made a lot of "cherries & berries" jam, an experiment for this year. Just made scones so we'll see how it is later on. Quite fancy a cherry liqueur, any tips please?
Im sure Princess B will have a lovely week but will be glad to come home.
Hen x

Pomona said...

I think you can make cherry brandy like you make sloe gin - or there is rumtopf, where you put in the different fruits as they come, and top up with rum, so you get a sort of alcoholic compote for eating over ice cream, etc!

Pomona x

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

What a lovely gift to receive, I am going to attempt rubarb jam tomorrow!! not sure how i will get on but will give it a go. Hope princes B has a lovely trip.
Sophie xxxx

Mrs B said...

arrrrrrrr you are so welcome!! I think your photos are just gorgeous! I am so glad it came on a day, a little cheer was needed! I feel that yank in the apron strings everytime I think of school rearing its head! But pride must be there too, what a good job you must hsve done, look at her off brave for a week!! much love MrsB x

MelMel said...

Oh what a beautiful jam topper...lovely...cherry jam is super nice..x


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