Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The last breakfast of summer?

I woke this morning to a distinct nip in the air - the sun was shining but the air was damp, and for the first time I felt that certain chill which tells me that it is a real hop-picking morning. And I'm not far out - hop-picking starts on Thursday, so summer is truly on the wane.

The chimney sweep is booked, the Aga man is coming tomorrow afternoon to service our old friend and light her up again, and the evenings are darkening rapidly - we must be careful to shut the hens up that little bit earlier each night.

But I will enjoy these last days of August whilst I can. There surely won't be many more days when I will be able to eat out of doors, so this morning I resolutely donned a cardi, and took my breakfast outside. Some autumn raspberries and rapidly cooling coffee - such is the state of things in England, now!

But the sunflowers still march across the garden, all lined up to greet the morning, and the Met Office has cancelled the rain they promised, so gather your rosebuds while you may, and take your croissants out into the last of the summer sun.


Itch2stitch.com said...

Oh what a wonderful post, you captured exactly how I have been feeling too. But I am mad jealous! An aga! I have never tasted food as good as that cooked in an aga, or rayburn, etc., it is just gorgeous, and they are like a living friendly beast in the kitchen! Reminds me though.. I need to book a sweep too!
Suzie . XX :)

The Garden Bell said...

What a peaceful afternoon amoungst the sunflowers. Looks like a purely delightful afternoon. Not to mention that yummie little morsel with the cup of tea.


Hen said...

Ah, what a lovely post, really enjoyed the photos of the sunflowers and glad to hear there are still some hops left to be picked in the garden of England. We remarked this evening that it was completely dark by 8.45pm and a bit nippy, too. I commented that it wouldn't be long before we had the fires burning and I've been reading my quilting book ready for some quilting action to keep me cosy! Hopefully, we might still have some pleasant days in August and September.
Hen x

marigold jam said...

Another lovely post which captures exactly the feeling of this time of year. Lucky you to have an Afa - always been a dream of mine but sadly never realised and to have a real fire that needs the chimney swept - we had a log burner in France but here we have no proper chimney - but to look on the bright side we don't have any cleaning out of ashes to do either!

As you say we nust enjoy what sunshine we can now as the evenings draw in - more time for crafting though perhaps?!


Ragged Roses said...

Oh I love it when the Met Office cancel rain!!!! Wonderful photos of those sunflowers, brings a smile to my face. Decidedly grey and gloomy here today so lovely to see your sunny photos!

heidi said...

snap! we had our breakfast in the garden yesterday,it was my birthday so i was spoilt with croisssants,my mums homemade plum jam & bucks fizz!! scrummy!! i know what you mean it was fresher,i did notice a change in the air. your sunflowers are stunning we saw a huge beauty in a cottage garden yesterday.

sarah london said...

those sunflowers are just divine!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

We had to have a blanket on top of our duvet last night.

I can smell autumn in the air.

Tabiboo said...

'Oooooohhh' you've just reminded me - chimney sweep!! I must get that done soon.

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

Isobel said...

Such a sweet post! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a comment. I just love when someone leaves me a "hello". Your sunflowers look so amazing and I hope this coming weekend we have some more of summer, at least to start saying "til next year".

Pipany said...

Ooh, I seem to have missed so many of your posts. Lovely to read through with my coffe though and chutney making is afoot here too. Still hoping for a glorious autumn and chances to sit outdoors. x

Michela said...

It might be lovely having breakfast at your cottage with such a stunning garden!

Menopausal musing said...

Lashing with rain here....... sigh....... Daren't go and see how much damage has been done in the garden by the wind. Autumn does indeed approach....... :o(

MelMel said...

Very chilly here!
Not putting thr heating on tho!

Oh dear seems I'm not the only choccie lover...I ate the chocolate drops last night while watching Des romantics!


silverpebble said...

Oh this post is so beautifully written - and it made me covet your breakfast and your marching sunflowers, but I'm trying to resist the autumn. It's nearly here but I'd love a few more warm days - just a few more. This evening I walked the dog and I worried that summer had already left.

andamento said...

Those raspberries look rather tasty, mmmm!
Fantastic sunflowers, ours are still green and only one looks as though it may flower, perhaps, or has summer time run out already...

Cottage Garden said...

Oh such a lovely wistful post - autumn is nearly here but hopefully we will have a sunny and warm BH weekend!
Stunning sunflowers too!
Jeanne x

Flower Girl said...

Oh yes, autumn is definitely on its way...time to make the most of being outside! I'm hoping for a few more alfresco breakfasts! Rebecca x

Felicity said...

our sunflower has died now, i placed the big seedy head on the bird table, your breakfast looks yummy. I really like the first hints of autumn being slightly cooler in the evenings, choosing yarn colours to crochet and books to snuggle under eiderdowns with.
I've read some dylan thomas poems that I have in other poetry books but ive not read holiday memory, ive just looked it up on the internet, i might try and find a full copy, thank you for mentioning it, fliss xx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

First time visiting your lovely blog!
I truly enjoy your post about your needlepoint cushions... as I too enjoy needlepoint and made quite a few projects.
Yours cushions are very B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L and I enjoyed reading the story behind them!


Isabelle said...

I have just discovered your lovely blog via Hen. I have lived in Faversham for around 12 years. I moved from there to Somerset around 7 years ago. Faversham has improved over the years. It has become a lovely little place. Is it still the case?
The chutney recipe looks good!
Isabelle x

Pomona said...

Faversham is a really sweet town - I have lived nearby for most of my life and you're right it has improved! And Whitstable, too - I'll post some pics later for you to see!

Pomona x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely post and photos - and yes, it does feel autumnal.

Walking the dog this evening and conditions were quite wild and windy, the sea rough and spectacular and I wasn't too warm in a mac and cardigan! Best wishes. Lesley

JuliaB said...

This must be the first August in Idon'tknowhowlong where i'm clinging onto summer with the edge of my fingertips! Usually I like the darkness back .. but this year it still feels like there is so much to do before then. Your sunflowers are magnificent!! xx


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