Friday, 7 August 2009

Yarn perfection

It has certainly been my lucky week – I can’t quite believe how the blessings have come my way, and it has certainly put paid to my lifelong feeling that I was definitely not born under a lucky star. Up until my adventures in blogland I had never won anything that depended on chance: I have never even bought a lottery ticket because I thought that, given my previous record, there was certainly more chance of my being hit by an asteroid than winning untold millions, and the mere fact of buying a lottery ticket might just precipitate some sort of meteor shower in my little corner of England.

Actually, I did once come close to winning something: many years back I bought four or five tickets for an arts festival lottery and gave one to each member of my family. And my father won the first prize of a holiday in Florida (now he is the lucky sort, often winning raffle prizes). He and my mother were consumed with angst, because they didn’t want a holiday in Florida, and they couldn’t palm it off on me, because I was so heavily pregnant that I couldn’t possibly have undertaken the trip. Luckily for them, my sister decided to get married, so they were able to send her to Florida for her honeymoon – what a relief.

But luck has come my way: knock me down with a feather, I have had a little run of giveaway presents, and am feeling quite a changed person, almost optimistic about life. Although perhaps my most recent present could be put down to my skill as a wordsmith: the Skein Queen ran a competition to choose a suitably majestic name for a new colour of her absolutely scrumptious hand-dyed yarn, and wonder of wonders, she rather liked my suggestion. And so she sent me two skeins of this – Tudor Rose.

Isn’t it the most heavenly colour? In fact, this yarn is so beautiful that at the moment I am just enjoying it in all its wonderful soft skeindom. This is the sort of yarn that is so soft, so tactile, and so generally pleasing in its rosy shading, that I am quite happy to caress and admire it for a while, before I knit it into something special. I also received a pattern with the yarn, for Alabama Whirly’s Ripple gloves, and in a bout of lucky serendipity I also received from Alabama Whirly her Alfredo glove pattern in her holiday giveaway. So I have an embarrassment of riches.

And there is more: the last part of my lovely present from the Skein Queen was these exquisite stitch markers, which came in a sweet little box. I have always hankered after some special beaded stitch markers, and had secretly hoped to be given some but, of course, only a knitter would appreciate their beauty and utility, and those who do give me presents are not knitters. These are a delightful little treasure to be kept in my knitting bag, and I certainly do treasure them greatly.

And if any of you out there are thinking of making a present to a knitter, then look no further. If you want a knitter to love you forever, I can assure you that the present I have just received is perfection itself, and guaranteed to gain you the everlasting affection of the woolly-minded.

A postscript: thank you so much to all of you who have commented and emailed, and become followers. I am very appreciative of your interest - it has made me feel quite wanted! I do visit your blogs, and comment if I can, but my dear old ageing Mac, which runs an unsupported version of Firefox, won't allow me to comment if the box is embedded below the post. It only seems to work on pop-up comment boxes - so I am not ignoring you, and will come and say hello whenever I am somewhere the technology allows it!


Ticking stripes said...

What a lovely post - I 've never seen stitch keepers like that - beautiful...

marigold jam said...

I've just come across your blog - delightful and lucky you that yarn certainly looks wonderful and the stitch markers too. Better than the lottery as what would one do with countless millions anyway and us creative blogger types fiund so much enjoyment from the little things in life that money cannot buy anyway. I will continue to follow your blog and will not take exception if I don't get any comments from you


Michela said...

What lovely goodies! I'm so glad you had them! Have a great weekend!

Marisa said...

Such a pretty color.
I used to knit a lot when my girls were little but lately as soon as the cold weather hits I get the urge to knit a few pairs of mittens but it doesn't last long.

Menopausal musing said...

Lucky, lucky you. The gifts obviously found their way to the right person. Have a great weekend. x

Cara said...

Wow - what pretty pretty yarn.

Such a glorious shade of pink. Hope you enjoy holding it until you find the perfect use for it :)


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