Thursday, 6 August 2009

More calorie-free cupcakes

Not only am I in the lucky position of being able to make cupcakes from felt thanks to the generosity of Sarah from Paper-and-String, but now I can also satisfy my passion for cake using my knitting needles, and once again at no cost to my waistline.

I have just received the most beautifully-wrapped parcel from Jennyflower – it’s so much more fun to use fabric rather than paper.

Contained within was this book, Knitted Cakes by Susan Penny. The Head Chef shook his head in disbelief when he saw it: I think he prefers the edible variety (of anything), but then he does not worry about becoming pear-shaped with age.

For my part, I am rather taken with the knitted doughnuts – I have not eaten the iced sort for years because they promise so much, yet generally taste so sugary, but a nice woolly one is far more my kind of thing.

In fact, I think I might take to wearing knitted cupcakes on my cardi, or possibly in my hair. It’s the sort of thing that many of my acquaintances expect of me, and why disappoint them?

So thank you, Jennyflower, for being so kind. And if you are familiar with her blog, you will see that she is great organizer. Her latest event is a picnic for crafty Kent bloggers on 30 August, so for those of you who hail from these parts, do pop on over and sign up. It’s sure to be a very jolly occasion, and the cupcakes will most definitely be edible.


Pipany said...

Looks great Pomona and thank you for the apple help the other day. Definitely Discovery! x

Cottage Garden said...

Oh they look so cute! My knitting skills do not go beyond very long scarves at present (but I'm working on it) so I'm full of admiration for you crafty people!

meplusmolly said...

Will you be posting knitted cake results soon?? would love to see.
My sister has a wee knitted/crocheted donut brooch she wears on her jacket ;0

Florence and Mary said...

How did you find this book? I've seen it but wonder if it might be too ambitious for my beginner skills!

I have my mum following a donut knitting pattern at the moment so she can then teach me!

Victoria xx

What makes you happy? said...

What a super book , I do wish I culd knit.

Pomona said...

Actually the patterns are relatively simple, so you don't need a great deal of skill. And I'm not an amazingly skilled knitter - I didn't learn until quite late in life, from a book, so am quite slow, but persistent. And I love an excuse to sit on a sofa looking busy, but actually dreaming!

Pomona x

MelMel said...

Thank you for popping over to say hi!

I do like my pretty things....the hair slide is so cute, even my Mym likes it!xxx

Menopausal musing said...

DARE to be different: wear those cupcakes in your hair..... what a lovely thought (eccentricity!). x


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